How To Create Text Annotations in Google Earth

Creating text annotations in Google Earth is a little bit tricky.  The idea is to place text in the view without having a visible "pin", so you do this by creating a placemark and then making the icon part invisible so all you see is the text.

To do this:

  • Create a new placemark
  • Edit the name to contain the text you want to display
  • Change the Style and Color of the label
  • Recommended settings:
Label Color: Yellow
Scale: 1.6
  • Now move the pin to the center of the location where you want it to display.  At this point the text will be off to one side and will not be where you want it.
  • Once you have the placemark positioned where you want it, you need to turn off the icon and the text will shift over to be centeted on the spot where the pin is.  To do this, open the properties window and click the icon button at the top right next to the name.  At the bottom of the icon selection window that comes up, click the No Icon button. At this point the text should shift over to be centered on the spot where the pin was
  • If you're not happy with the placement, turn the pin back on by clicking one of the pins in the icon select window and then you will be able to move it again.
  • When you're happy with the placement, click OK and OK again to save the placemark.
  • If you need to edit it again, you will have to open the properties by right-clicking on the placemark in the left sidebar.  You cannot click on it in the map window when it does not have a visible pin.