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Intern/Volunteer Positions

Software Developer

Description: Python/PHP programmer needed to help CTO with design and coding of web application and data processing utilities.  Projects include web application UI and syndication API (PHP); web scraping utility (Python), and satellite image processing utilities (Python with GDAL library)
Paid: Yes
Major: CompSci preferred, but experience with Python and PHP and we application development is the more important qualification
Duration: Full time or Part-time position available

Assistant Project Manager

Description: With our growing team of staff, interns and volunteers, we need help managing projects and task assignments.  Assist the Office Manager with scheduling, team assignments, task tracking, organization and progress reporting.   Track progress against project goals and help team members to meet project deadlines.
Paid: No - Intern/volunteer
Major: Business majors and anyone preparing for a role in management
Duration: 3 month minimum commitment
Hours: 6-10 hours per week

Environmental Pollution Monitor

Description: Acquire and analyze satellite imagery (training provided), identify and track pollution incident reports, annotate and publish satellite images to the web, document and publish findings, research and publish relevant public policies related to pollution incidents
Paid: No (volunteer or intern - stipend possible)
Major: Environmental Science, GIS, Public Policy
Duration: 3 month commitment
Hours:  10 - 20 hours per week

Contact: Paul Woods, SkyTruth Chief Technical Officer
Phone: 304-885-4581

Social Media Coordinator

Description: Assist skytruth office manager in coordinating communications between website, email, blog, facebook, twitter and flickr.  Help with writing blog posts, press releases and social media communications.  Measure and report on the success of communications campaigns with click data captured across all online properties.
Paid: No - intern or volunteer wanted
Major: Communications
Duration: 1 month commitment
Hours: 5-10 hours per week

Contact: Teri Biebel, Office Manager
Phone: 304-885-4581

Oil Pollution Research Team Member

Description: We are preparing a report on oil pollution incidents in the Gulf of Mexico over the last 20 years which we plan to use to influence public policy on new offshore oil drilling that is currently being considered for the east coast of the US.  We need research team members to help us review historic satellite imagery to measure actual oil spill amounts and compare these findings with pollution reports produced by the government regulators and by the polluters themselves.
Paid: No - intern or volunteer
Major: Any major will be considered.  Majors interested in public policy, environmental science, or research methods will be the best fit.
Duration: 2 month commitment
Hours: min 5 hours per week