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Python Software Developer

Job Description

Environmental watchdog org needs a python developer to extend existing toolset for scraping (scrapy) and publishing (REST and Google Fusion Tables) oil and gas drilling data via our environmental alerts system (  We also want to migrate some data serving to Google App Engine.  Looking for a motivated self starter that enjoys creative problem solving while simultaneously helping to make the world a better place.


  • Strong Python skills
  • Basic database and SQL knowledge
  • Capable of working independently
  • Comfortable working with PHP (legacy application)
  • Experience creating simple, clean user interfaces with HTML, Javascript and CSS
  • Experience with Google App Engine a plus
  • Experience with POSTGIS a plus

About the company

SkyTruth is an environmental watchdog non-profit (501c3) specializing in the use of satellite imaging and other remote sensing to monitor and report on the environmental impacts of onshore and offshore energy development - oil, natural gas and coal - as well as mineral mining, forestry and other large-footprint industrial activities.


Recently we have been automating our data acquisition and publishing systems, using Python to implement a web scraper (scrapy) and PHP/Javascpript to publish via Google Maps ( ).   We are planning to migrate data and image processing pipelines to Google App Engine (more python) and augment with a webservice API wrapping POSTGIS for certain spatial operations that cannot easily be perform in GAE.

We also need to automate download and processing of satellite images and related remote sensing data for conversion to KML and publication  via Google Maps Engine.

Contact Info

Contact: Paul Woods, CTO
E-mail contact:
Phone: +1 240 432 1674
Telecommuting OK