How To: Create an Elevation Profile of a DEM

How To Produce a Profile of a Cross Section on a DEM

  1. Drop down the Customize menu--> Toolbars--> 3D Analyst.
  2. The 3D Analyst toolbar will open. Select the Interpolate Line icon.
  3. Click to the left (outside of the DEM) of where you want the cutting plane 
  4. Move your mouse to the right (keeping outside of the DEM) of where you want the cutting plane. (A line will appear across the cutting plane) 
  5. Double click to finish drawing cutting plane. The cutting plane will snap to the DEM.
  6. Select the Profile Graph icon (there is a dropdown with different graph options) 
  7. The line graph will pop up! -- Good Job!

How To Export Data From Graph

  1. While viewing your profile graph, right click on the graph and click Advanced Properties...
  2. A window called Editing will open. On the left, click Data.
  3. A chart will appear on the right. Beneath the chart, click Copy icon on the far right.
  4. You may now paste the data into a spread sheet.