ASAR Image Production Task Flow

    Find all ASAR available that covers the site 23051 location
    Start from September 2011 and work backward
    First, find all ASAR images listed in EoLisa
    Then find those images in Miravi - use only the date as a filer and then page through the results to find the image   
    Make a spreadsheet with the dates

    Download the jpeg from Miravi - store in Fred
        Use the original filename
        Put files in a folder with the date as the name of the folder like this '2011-10-09'
        Files go under
            //Fred/DataSets/Satellite Image Archive/Gulf of Mexico/Site 23051/Site 23051 ASAR
    Use the georeference utility to capture the gcp file and store in the same folder with the image.
        from the command line:
python  KEY gcp.points
        Get KEY by using firebug on the miravi site and then looking at the content of the POST tab after you click on the
        image in the miravi search results

    Georeference acquired images using corner point gcp file and store in the same folder with the original.
    name the new file:
    replace the date with the dat of the image of course.
    Clip the georeferenced image
        TBD: Find a bounding box that is as big as possible without triggering GE to make a superoverlay when you load it
        Save the clipped file in the same folder as the original and name it:

    load the clipped image into GE and determine if a slick is visible around the 23051 site
    Determine if the image is fairly clear of other features that are likely caused by wind in the vicinity of the 23051 platform - skip the image if there is too much noise to see the slick clearly

    If a good slick is visible draw a polygon around the boundary and annotate with arrows
    Document total length, width at the widest point, and total area

    Create page on the labs site where you will publish it
    Put a link to the labs site page in the description of the top folder in the KMZ
    Write a description of the slick in the labs page and in the KMZ - they should both have the same content and each should have a link that points to the other
    Look for an NRC report that corresponds to that location and date - and if it looks like a match, put a link to it in the description
    Save annotated image as KMZ
    publish KMZ to the labs page