Miravi/ASAR Image Acquisition Tools

ASAR Ground Control Point (GCP) Extraction tool


  • You will need python installed in order to use this utility
  • Download asar-gcp.py
  • Form the command line, run the utility with:
python asar-gcp.py --help


Usage: asar-gcp.py [options] KEY OUTFILE

     KEY of the image on MIRAVI.  To get the key, you need to find the image you want on miravi.eo.esa.int/en and then use firebug to inspect the POST parameters used to retrieve the inage details
     name of file to write the output to. e.g. imagename.gcp.points   Note that if you plan to open the file in the QGIS georeferencer, the file name must end in ".points"

Computes the ground control points for an ASAR satellite image from
miravi.eo.esa.int that can be used to georeference the image.

  -h, --help     show this help message and exit
  -q, --quiet    Only output error messages
  -v, --verbose  Output debugging information

Example Usage


Paul Woods,
Sep 13, 2011, 6:12 AM